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4shared is a Windows desktop application you can use to manage your files on the popular cloud-based file storage and sharing service of the same name. The 4shared service is designed to make it easy to store your files in the cloud as a backup or to share them with others. Free users get 10 GB of storage, while those who purchase a premium subscription receive 100 GB, together with other advantages like faster downloads.

The desktop application isn't strictly necessary to use the service, as you can use the browser-based web app instead. But many Windows PC users will find the software useful when managing their files. 4shared lets you see the contents of your account, upload and download files, create separate folders to organize your data, plus delete files you no longer need. Just like with the browser-based app, you can set sharing permissions for different items you have in your account. This lets you choose which files you want to share publicly and protect them with a password if desired. You can obtain a sharing URL for your public files, which allows anyone on the Internet to download them without having to create a 4shared account.

The 4shared desktop application does come with a few interesting features that you won't get if you simply use your browser to manage your account. It allows you to synchronize files between your computer and your 4shared account. To use it, just move the files you want to keep synchronized to the "My 4shared Sync" folder created on your computer. The software will automatically upload them to a folder of the same name in your account. Every time you use it to sign in to your account, it will check if there are any changes made to the local and remote "My 4shared Sync" folders, then synchronize them.

Another time the 4shared desktop application can be very helpful is if you need to upload a big file or a large amount of small files at once. It provides you with detailed information on the status of your uploads, including the transfer speed, percentage completed and time left. Many users report that the software is a lot more stable than the browser app when uploading bigger files. It even lets you resume interrupted transfers. For large upload or download jobs, there are advanced settings you can configure, including the maximum bandwidth and number of simultaneous transfers.

Overall, the 4shared application does its job very well. Its only drawback is that its interface is more complex compared to the simpler browser version, making it better suited for advanced users who upload and share a large amount of files on a regular basis.


  • Lets you manage files in your 4shared account from your desktop.
  • Supports automatic file synchronization.
  • Useful features for large file transfers.


  • More complex to use than browser app.

4shared is a desktop file uploading and management tool that complements the popular file-sharing website that bears the same name. This application makes it easy to select and queue files to be uploaded to an account on the 4shared website. This is a good utility for those who would prefer to use a program instead of relying on the browser-based interface for managing their files.

Users have the same level of control that the website uploading system provides, but the desktop version seems a bit more stable. It also frees up the browser so users can visit other websites or close it completely without worrying about their upload or download being canceled.

The desktop application looks a bit dated and unattractive, and it can be argued that it is also a bit complex for what it is designed to accomplish. However, appearances are not everything, and fans of this file-sharing website will appreciate the ability to select files and start a batch upload.

This software is not hard on the system, and it works on the latest version of Windows without any glitches or problems. Keep in mind that the 4shared website enables users to choose from a basic or premium account. Premium users will appreciate the value of this utility, because it makes full account management simple and straightforward. Basic users will also enjoy this desktop application for simple uploading as well.

This utility is free, designed and released by the folks at 4shared. It is not very intuitive, and it may take some experimentation to get a good sense of how this program works. Configuring the software is also pretty easy, and the program will remember settings so users only have to go through the process once. Anyone who is a frequent user of the 4shared service may benefit from this application despite its aesthetic shortcomings.


It is a stable platform.

File uploading is easy and reliable

Users feel more in control of their accounts

There is no need to process files through the browser


Not very attractive

Menus are a bit over-complicated

No acceleration available

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